Make Love with Your Life!

Transform Everyday Routines into Sensual Experiences


Simple, profound practices to infuse your life with sensuality and wonder.

An 8-week digital course designed to fit easily into your day –
and transform every minute of your life.


Sunrise in MarrakechAre you stressed out? In your head all the time? Overrun with day-to-day responsibilities, obligations, commitments?

You need to slow down but still go fast. You need to break the pattern of stress. You need to let new possibilities in, reconnect with your dreams, get inspired.

You need to turn the tide toward happiness all day long, but you can’t drop all those balls you’re juggling.

And you can’t put off your joy any longer.

You need to live on a completely different level – without having to really change anything, but still changing everything.

You need to Make Love with Your Life.

8 Weeks
8 Lessons

Time required: A little bit of reading, a breath-length of attention.
Effort required: Subtle shifts and practice that makes your mouth water.
Transformation: Your world becomes sensual and alive. Life becomes your new lover.


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Spring's first lovers

I love the practices in Make Love with Your Life. I do them all the time. They change the way I breathe and move and feel the world.

The deeper these tiny transformations infuse into your life, the more beautiful – and sensual – your life becomes.twit-bird

I can hardly wait for this session – I’ll be right there with you. We’ll talk about your experiences in our private Facebook Group. I’ll be there in other ways too, from the moment you get your first lesson, helping you build your habit of everyday ecstasy.

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Make Love with Your Life!

Life is so much better if you know how to LOVE it.

With a small shift in perspective and a little practice, everything becomes sensual.
You emerge alive, curious, engaged, and…
dare I say?

Turned on by your life.


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